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Wildlife that will take your breath away

Some people like to go shopping on their holidays, while others want to take in cultural sights and sounds that they can’t get at home and then there are the sun seekers who want nothing more than to soak up the golden rays by a poolside or on a sandy beach. If any of these options sound attractive to you then you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a getaway and deciding what to do. Those options are not for everyone though, for many people getting out into nature is the big draw, and spotting native wildlife is much more exciting than grabbing a bargain on designer need shoes, seeing the Mona Lisa in real life or perfecting the ultimate sun-kissed body.  If natural wonder is what makes your heart sing then we have some great suggestions for you!

Whale watching

Whales have a graceful bliss about them that evokes not only a sense of wonder but one of peace and tranquillity too. Seeing whales in the wild can be an experience like no other. One of the best palaces to see whales in the open ocean is on the Pacific Northwest coast of America. Whale watching boats run regularly from the Olympic Peninsula and offer the opportunity to see multiple different types of whales on one trip. Orcas, or killer whales, live in these waters year round, minke whales and porpoises are also regular visitors. Head out for whale watching trip between March and May for the opportunity to see grey whales and from May-October for a chance at seeing humpbacks. While Humpbacks are becoming more frequent in the area it is the orcas that are the real stars of the show. There are three resident pods which call the waters of Puget Sound home, in addition to regular visits from transient orcas that pass through the waters in search of tasty seals. Your chance of seeing whales is so high in fact, that one company actually guarantees that you will see whales on your trip or they will give you a voucher to come back another day.

The Big 5

A trip to Tanzania could be a trip of a lifetime in order to catch sight of the big 5- lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo. The term big 5 was first coined by hunters to refer to the hardest African animals to track and shoot for trophies. Fortunately today people are more keen to capture the big 5 on film. The importance of having a good guide when aiming to track down a good view of the big 5 cannot be underestimated. Research your chosen tour company to ensure they adhere to good ethical standards and are providing employment and living wages to locals who will be able to share their insight to the local wildlife residents with you.

The other big 5

Getting away from it all for an African adventure may not be feasible for everyone, so consider taking a break that is a little closer to home and head north to the Scottish highland to try and catch sight of Scotlands big 5 -red squirrel, red deer, golden eagle, otter and harbour sea. These elusive creatures can be harder to spot than their African counterparts, a red squirrel is slightly better at heading than an elephant after all! IF your time is short, look for day trips that have the express purpose of taking you to each animals habit and plan your trip for October when the red deer will be rutting and their call echo around the glens.

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