48 hour getaways

Our top two cities to spend 48 exciting hours in

Time is not always on your side, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a quick break away from the everyday by making the most of a 48 hour trip to a new city. 48 hours may not seem like much but you may be surprised at how much exploring you can do in this short time frame. A 48 hour break can also be wrapped up into a much longer trip. Instead of just passing through a city to your next destination, why not make it a stop of its own or even take a holiday from your holiday by visiting a close by city for a night? Read on for advice on visiting two of our favourite cities.


When arriving in Rome you are surrounded by so much history that It can be overwhelming as to where to go first! Our advice for you 48 hours here is to use one day to do a suitably touristy thing and then use your next day to just lap up the atmosphere of this fantastic city. If you are an early morning riser use that super skill to beat the crowds and visit a popular site early on in the day. The Vatican City Museum, the Coliseum or even a planned day trip to Pompeii are great ways to get your culture fix. On your second day explore the gardens and buildings of Villa Borghese for a more laid back approach to your day. With winding walk ways and beautiful pond and lakes to enjoy when not visit one of Rome’s many farmer’s markets to build your own picnic to enjoy in this bastion of Roman culture.


Give yourself the best beginning to 48 hours in Brooklyn by walking from Manhattan into this much loved borough by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This beautiful bridge is less than a mile long and is regularly traversed in under 30 minutes by commuters moving at the classic New Yorkers pace of ‘Ive got somewhere to be, move outta my way!”. If you want to take in the sights of the city at a more leisurely pace, plan to spend an hour crossing this landmark which will give you plenty of time to stop and take photos. Keep your wits about you while on the bridge, bicyclists can go flying past at quite the clip and do not take kindly to oblivious tourists stepping into the bike pathways. Brooklyn is a large place, so plan out what you want to see ahead of time. Two of our favourite spots to explore are DUMBO (an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), full of trendy coffee spots and hip galleries. The next day why not go to the edges of Brooklyn and visit the famed Coney Island Theme Park where rollercoasters, sandy beaches and the meccano like Wonder Wheel await.

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